Welcome to Zezo University
I would like to thank everyone, this university is the first university established on the Wax Blockchain, its goal is to improve the awareness of the community and the ability to act, whether in academic, professional, material or emotional life, and also to create a strong community capable of withstanding the circumstances no matter how many difficulties it faces and urging it to Not to give up no matter the circumstances, all through the NFT, which will contain in each drop a short story, there will be a lot of drops, including free and paid,And there will be weekly rewards, Blends and weekly tests will be done and each person will be given a gift according to his bike when the group is verified. For example, acceptable means common, good means uncommon, very good means rare, privilege means very good, superior, who got a degree of percent means legendary Watch the events with us...

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mixing and exams will be when our group is whitelisted, Mix and Quiz will be done by Nft and the community will get their score according to their blend, eg science quiz, a quiz will be generated by drawing it and it will be as follows: Success Card Accepted Card Very Good Card, Excellent card, by shuffling and according to each random person, for example, if people get a pass in science card, excellent card in science, and a very good card in science, they will be whitelisted to advance to another subject, while those who fail in Item not included in his portfolio. Therefore, the whitelist was not subjected to another exam, and so in each exam, I hope the topic is explained as required

How will our reward system be?

50% of our total sales will be allocated every month and the reward will be done in the following example:
Only the successful people who score very well in the science test will be given a reward
Whereas, the one with the highest score will have the largest share of the rewards
for example
Our wax out of the total sales was 5000 wax, the one who passed the science test would take 100 wax, while the one who got a very good score in science would take 500 wax, and the one who got the best science score would take 1000 wax.