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Features that drives your content

Features of Igli is the fuel that brings your content to the life and makes it really shine. Igli has a lot of advanced and useful tools that will help highlight details about you and show it to your profile visitors

Beautiful themes for your page

Choose ready to use theme or create your own with powerful, but simple theme editor

There is a lot you can change with custom themes to get your profile visual design as you want it. Background color or even background gradient that can be animated is the base for your profile appearance. Button style and color can be changed to any color you like. And also there is background patterns, that can highlight your mood or business type. Final touch to your custom theme is the font that you can edit based on your needs. To make it easier we have prepared more than dozen themes you can pick by a single click.

Easy to manage

It is easy to edit the content and you don't need any special programming skill.

The light and nice UI of Igli let's you see how the content will look as you edit. There is very intuitive touch to editing panel, like drag & drop that enables you to quickly reorder content.

Real-Time Analytics

Built in statistics will help you understand what your visitors like the most.

It is possible to view profile views, button clicks, visitor details like country, OS, browser, device and domain they came from.

Works with your existing services

Get your followers anywhere you want them to go — works with all websites and shopping platforms


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