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Instagram is highly popular and it is being used not only for sharing images but also as a promotional tool for businesses. With that in mind, it is important to attract more followers and one of the steps is to improve Instagram bio. There are various techniques that can help people and companies to attract Instagram followers.

How so I attract followers?

Your Instagram bio is the place where people get a clear message on who you are, what is your passion, job title etc. In other words this is the last place they stop before clicking "follofw" button. Bio should be used as place that speaks for the it's owner and there is no way around than a clear message. Also bio could feature a call-to-action, branded hashtags, and links, which is a big deal to get new Instagram followers. It’s this section where users will discover who you or your brand are and whether or not they will follow you.

How to do it the right way?

Here is tha essence of it. Don’t sound desperate, pleading or spammy. Avoid adding "Follow people who see this!" in your bio, but better add "I love apples and dogs" that gives far more idea of who you are and what kind of content the follower can expect from you. Revealing part of you is the key to success. You should introduce the users to you or what your profile is about and then let them decide why they should follow you. Update bio with most recent info of whats happening. If you are running a contest, you could mention that in your Instagram bio. Also to bring some color to that text try using icons as it will undeline the info you are providing. To get your bio to the top level is you should add also links to other resources, interests or additional information of you. For that we have awesome tool that is great to add variety of content to your bio. is extremely usefull when it comes down to sharing more links that means showing more aspects of your self. 

It is simple to start with and it provides you a variety of features to extend your Instagram bio thus upgrading your bio. basically have feature to, which enables your bio to have a single link that contains all additional info for your followers. In this way, it makes your Instagram bio more usable and attractive. Give it a try and if you will see that your profile now looks more advanced than ever. Here are some features that you can show to your followers via
- Links
- Direct links to instant messaging apps
- Text areas
- Maps
- Q&A of FAQ
- Product showcases
- Schedule when to show or hide each of blocks
- Surveys
- Forms for newsletters
- Custom themes

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