How do I add social media buttons to Instagram?

Sure we all have more than one social media profiles, but is it possible to add buttons to all of them? That is the question we'll get answered today.

The short answer is no, you can not add social media buttons, but as always there is an option to get around this. If you want to get all your social media under these cool buttons, (see image below) then follow along this article. The result will look like this:

social media button list

So how we can get such nice looking buttons? It is really easy and what's great about it, you will be able to add more than a social media buttons to your Instagram bio. The secret of this hack is to use service that allows us to add additional content to Instagram bio using the website link option. In order to start adding our social media buttons we have to sign up at and confirm our email and then we can start adding content straight away.  

sign up at

Ok, let's move on with adding social media buttons, so sign in at your account and hit this button: 

add new social media block

In the popup you will see all the options you might add, later. For now just pick Social:

select block type

Now it's up to you which of your social media accounts you want to add, but for the quick start there is already 3 of them waiting for the links to be added: 

insert social media links to create buttons

If you do not want to add Facebook or other of those three, you can change the Type dropdown to anything else you like and then add the full link to your social media account. After filling the links it should look something like this:

all your social links as buttons

If you need mode social media links you can simply click button that says "Add another link" and fill the input fields.
If you've filled all the links just hit the blue Create or Save button. Now it's all set up and if you want you, can explore addtional block types like text, links with names, etc. When you're done adding content, copy your profile link that you see at the green box that looks like this: profile link box

Hit the Copy button and head over to your Instagram profile settings. Now just paste that igli link in the Website input field and save your Instagram settings. That's it you are done, and with a simple trick your Instagram bio now has a link that contains all your social media buttons. The last thing you can do is encourage followers clicking on that link by adding some short info at your bio. It is up to you, but for a quick start we offer one of these:

  • Have you seen my YouTube channal? See the link below;
  • All my social media at the link below;
  • Want a banana? Link below;
  • Follow me on other social media at the link below.

Have fun!

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