How to add multiple links to Instagram

By default, on Instagram, there is exactly one location on a profile where a clickable link can be present, but we know the way around it to have more links.

At Instagram bio, you can have your website, Facebook profile, news article or any kind of link in your Instagram bio. But, you can have only one link in the bio. This could be frustrating, especially for the business owners, or any socially active user. There will always be a need to have links to your home page, your achievements, your interest, etc. So Instagram does not support multiple links in the bio, but there is tool will help you add multiple links in the Instagram bio. has many features, but for sure highly required by the Instagram users is to add more links to the Instagram bio. being an excellent tool for multi linking bio, that does just that. You can add multiple links, websites, video, FAQ or Q&A section to Instagram bio with the help of service. All you need to do is to first sign up for free to and add any number of links to your profile. Once you sign up, you can add all the links you wish to be displayed in the Instagram bio to your profile. provides an multiple set of features in order to extend your Instagram bio. In recent years, the features offered by has increased in great numbers. Some of the prominent features of include links, text areas, maps of different providers, offering direct links to instant messaging apps and custom themes. Features like custom themes, statistics, forms for newsletters became very popular among the people ever since its introduction. will help you to make your Instagram bio very attractive.

After, you have added all your desired links to the profile, you need to place profile link on your Instagram bio under profile settings, website input field and this is a must have step. Now, there will be only one link on Instagram, but that link would lead to multiple other buttons. The clicks of these buttons would lead to several other links. ensures that you can make more than one link accessible to people who visit at your Instagram bio. Some of the other features of include the text area, product showcases, surveys, statistics galleries, maps and other multiple types of presenting information. is a key to help you manage your Instagram account efficiently.

Creating a profile at is extremely easy and that is the only thing you must do to start using extensive features of has modern and intuitive user interface with a dashboard that allows you to manage the content and view statistics of your profile.

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