Linktree alternatives in 2020

If you are here, then you are most likely familiar with the service to share multiple links in bio. But for some reason, it is not suitable for all your tasks. Recently, many alternatives to this service have appeared.

There are good ones and there are futile attempts of copies that don't do their job. You have probably already seen on the Internet such alternatives as:, and We will tell you about another great service - and compare it with Linktree.

Let's compare free versions of both services

It is not correct to use checkmark only if service has feature, because the implementation of feature can differ. That's why we will use additional smaller checkmark and later explain below why this choice is made.

Comparision of and Free features
Feature Linktree
Unlimited links
Clicks and views statistics
Profile image
Social links with icons  
Text blocks  
Frequently asked questions  
Real name  

Click and views statistics

With Linktree you will get lifetime profile views and link clicks count. No charts available in Free version.

Linktree analytics free

With you will get charts with daily clicks and views for past week in additional to lifetime views and clicks count. You can also see charts for link and social icon clicks separately.

Igli analytics free


Linktree offers to choose from 9 themes.

Linktree theme free offers to choose from 36 themes and choose four buttons style (outline and rounded in any combination) for each theme. Some of themes has beautiful animated background.

Igli theme free

Social links with icons

This is Linktree paid feature, that offers for Free. But let's compare this feature anyway.

Let's say you have two phone or WhatsApp's numbers (for example for wholesale and retail requests). Is it possible to add both? Yess it is, but only with

Imagine you have music events profile and need to add different social links for each event or ticket sale? This is also possible with only.

Or maybe your YouTube channel is more important than Twitter or Facebook and you want to reorder social icons. Guess, which service allows you to do that. You guessed, it's

Let's put all this together in one comparision table.

Feature Linktree
Free feature  
Social networks to choose from 30+ 8
Different links with same social network  
Multiple blocks with social links  
Change order of social links  


Text blocks

Sometimes it's not enough to have just links. You need to introduce yourself, describe products or services and so on. Text block are designed to satisfy these desires.


Links, links, links. Too much of them in a row? You can easily split them visually in logical blocks using delimiters!

Frequently asked questions

This is also very useful block to show FAQ to your visitors.

Real name

Show your real name or business name, instead of username. Linktree also has this feature, but not in a free plan.


We love Linktree and we was using it for our customers until a more powerful alternative was needed. There are a lot of articles on the topics "Best Linktree alternatives", "Linktree vs ..." and "Linktree reviews" on the Internet. The purpose of this article is to tell about the existence of service.

We've seen a lot of articles, where people are promoting their product. To be objective, we offer to register in Linktree here and in here and compare them yourself.
Since the day of writing this article, time may have passed and services may have changed. We suggest to make the final decision yourself.

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