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We all know what is a link, but yet only part of us know what is an Instagram bio link and why there is only a single link at Instagram bio? In this article we will go over what is an Instagram bio link, few ways of using it and most important, how you can benefit from using bio link and bring your Instagram to the next level.

An Instagram bio link is a place where you can store a single link on your Instagram profile, also called as an Instagram profile website. That link can be accessed by anyone who visits your Instagram profile. It is a perfect place where you can improve your account and grow your business.

It can be useful to direct users to some resource - website, YouTube channel, Etsy page, you name it. The linking possibilities are as huge as an ocean but there is only one link. "Why?" you may ask? Because Instagram was meant to be to share images not to link anywhere. That is also part of their protective mechanism not to get you away from Instagram and images. But with the time Instagram have changed a lot and that's mainly because it is being used by businesses, brands, artists, content creators etc. This group of users and also others need to share more than just images or stories. They want to lead people to other places. And even if you own a small business that is just starting up, you probably want your Instagram followers to reach you not only via Instagram messages (DM) but mainly by channels your followers like to use - Messenger, Whatsapp, Telegram etc. 

So is there a way to add all the links, including buttons of Messaging apps? Yes, there is. We have the solution for you. With a help of service called, you can pack all your important links and even more inside one page. Just like digital business card or warehouse for links. can be used also outside Instagram if you want to show all the important content elsewhere. 

It is an easy job with a right tool. So how does it work all together? Let's see how you can set it all up in under 3min or less. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Sign up and decide your username
  • Confirm email (click on the link at your email)
  • Go to your profile and add some links or text or other elements of
  • Copy your unique page link found at your profile right corner, eg.
  • Paste it inside your Instagram profile field called Website and save

Now you are ready and way better before you started to read this article. But what next or where next? With we can add a lot of content to your bio link for example:

And that's not all, you can also view a statistics of how much profile visits you are getting. To know more on how to add content follow to our article section for more tutorials. So don't wait any longer, spread the word and enjoy 

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